Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Soon...

As of this morning I am finished with all artwork for issue #2! Now for scanning and bordering and lettering and ballooning and all the other stuff that I find tedious.  Below is the drawing for the cover, I was going to add some slick graphic elements, but it ended up looking cluttered so I'm just going to use the drawing by itself.

Also, just a reminder to you Portlanders (and Vancouverers) that tonight is the opening for the Stumptown Comics Fest gallery show downtown at the PCPA's Art Bar at 1111 SW Broadway. There will be drinks and snacks and more nerds than you can shake a stick at.

Note: please don't shake sticks at comic nerds, it brings us out in a rash, induces asthma, and triggers all sorts of scary high school flash backs.

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