Sunday, April 18, 2010


Lately I've been forcing myself to use more and more reference photos to add an extra layer of realism to my comics and illustrations. While I love to just make stuff up when I draw, when it comes to people they tend to all look similar (as in, they all end up looking sort of like number one model).  This year I asked for people to send me some reference photos of themselves acting like zombies, and now they are mildly immortal because they are in The Salamander King #2.

This is my good friend (and one time room mate) Cat:
She's cuter in real life, I swear. And, here she is in SK #2:

And, here we have her friend Eric who I don't know but is a sport for doing this:
And here he is in the comic:
You can also see the top of my niece's head, but the drawing didn't end up looking too much like her and I don't want you to think less of my drafting abilities by showing what the photo actually looked like. And, as a side note, I'll be sending FREE comics to everybody who graciously sent in their photos. 

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