Sunday, March 28, 2010

final stretch

I woke up today with a nagging feeling that I needed a time machine, but after drawing all morning and realizing that I can see the finish line for Salamander King #2, I realized that if I had a time machine I'd probably do something foolish like go back in time and change my "career path" to something that has more of a path. Discovering the band She & Him (comprised of one-time-Portlander M. Ward and cute-as-a-button-actress Zoe Deschanel doing 60's style pop) also improved my mood, so thank you for allowing me to listen to free cd's all morning.  That Broken Bells cd is pretty good too.

Here's another page from the new comic, I realized that if I don't post progress shots I:
  • Don't feel like I'm making any progress
  • Don't get random comments of encouragement that I feed off of like a shark with low self esteem (get it? fishing for comments? Sharks? Sharks are fish...I think!)
  • End up using my computer for procrastination
PS. Special thanks to those of you who are following me now. I read an intimidating article about how you can make a living as an indy artist type if you have 1000 fans.

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