Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gearing up for Stumptown...and CAPITALISM!!!

The comics are being printed, so now its time to gear up for Stumptown capitalistically! Oh, and FINALLY redesign my website, but I'm really dragging my heals on that one.  In addition to having The Salamander King #1 and #2 for sale, I'll be offering the following prints for sale:


I'm having 20 of each made, archival quality that will last longer than you do.  If you are unable to make it to Stumptown this year but are interested in one of these prints, let me know and I'll make some available on etsy prior to the convention. Otherwise, I'll put whatever remains after the show up on etsy in May.

1 comment:

K L said...

Put me down for the Jack and the Steamstalk poster. I will put another check in the mail for you on top of the one I owe you for the remainder of my hotel cost at ECCC.