Saturday, April 3, 2010

Derby Time

With the comic all scanned in and ready to be assembled, its time I focused my laser-like artistic focus back onto what's really important: Pretty Girls on Roller Skates! Or, PGRS for short.

I just finished the line art and scanned it in to the computer so that I can digitally paint the image if I totally goof up on the acrylic painting. I'm going to try the same charcoal and acrylic method that I did for the squid painting.  This one won't be nearly as dark since Roller Derby makes me think of flashy bright colors.

On a side note, this poster is for the May bout which features Portland's traveling team Wheels of Justice vs the dreaded Seattle team, The Rat City Rollers. I just found out yesterday that my friend Heather, I mean SoulFearic ACID (of the Break Neck Betties) just made the Portland traveling team! So go watch a bout and cheer her on.

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