Monday, April 5, 2010


Ugh, all I have left are some sound effects and I'm done! I'm really tired of lettering.  I think from now on my motivation for becoming a FULL ON PRO is going to be splurging on hiring a letterer. Or better yet, striking a deal with an art program and making it some sort of internship so that I don't have to pay them at all! Also, I got my new business cards today from overnight pritns and am officially 10% more professional (feeling) because of that.

Special thanks to all of my friends and family that made it to the Stumptown art opening. I just found out that Paul Pope (indy comic icon extrordinaire) will be at this years Stumptown comics fest!  If you haven't read this guy's stuff you're an uncultured uncooth philistine.  His brushwork alone can melt steel. If you're nice and find yourself at my house I'll loan you some of his books (except for Josh, who has had my copy of Omega -drawn and signed by Mr. Farrel Dalrymple who's brushwork rivals that of Mr. Pope's- for almost a year now). I will point out, to any youngsters or sensitive types, that Paul Pope's books are adult orientated.
Oh, and this is a panel of Izzy getting tough. Tough as any 9 year old amateur entomologist can be.

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