Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art Opening

Here is the press release for the art opening on Thursday! I didn't make the image cut, but I did get on the list with such luminaries Craig Thompson and Farel Darlymple!! Hope to see some of you at the show!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

STUMPTOWN!! and a tiny painting

Here's the color study I did real quick in Photoshop.

And here's the actual painting.

And here is the digitally touched up painting looks nothing like the original, the wonderful magic of Photoshop has once again saved me from my deficiencies (ie, not so good at painting or color).

In other news, I have a slew of events coming up in relation to the Stumptown Comics Fest.
First, I'll be participating in the "Drink and Draw" on April 1st at MacTarnahan's Taproom on 2730 NW 31st., where I'll be drinkin' and drawin' from 7 to 10 with some other artsy folks. Come by and have a pint and keep me company!
Second, I am participating in the Stumptown art show, which has an opening reception for the First Thursday downtown on April 2nd at 1111 SW Broadway (right next to the Schnitzer Concert Hall). Come by and rub elbows!
Third, the actual comics fest itself! It takes place on April 18-19th at the Lloyd Center Doubletree. In addition to geeking out that my comic book idol JEFF SMITH will be in the same (admittedly large) room with me, I'll be selling comics, cards, posters, prints, originals.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

what's this...a REAL website?

Well, I finally got off my duff and made a real website. Eventually Kuyler will be on it too but he is a butt and never sends me anything....so, without further ado:


let me know if anything doesn't work, since I have no idea what I'm doing

Friday, March 13, 2009

Done, for now

Well, I sent my files off to the printer. Now all I have to do is wait for my proof to show up, oh and build a display, and print posters and prints, and think of all the things I have forgotten to do, and, oh yeah...finish the entire book. I found out that the good folks at Stumptown are putting on an art show downtown for the month of April and May. So, I get to put a couple of the originals from my comic up for display, which I am super excited about. The show is at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts (http://www.pcpa.com/) and the opening reception is on April 2nd, for anybody in Portland who feels like coming.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

today is a good day

Well, I started the day in a bad mood, but then I sold a drawing....and money makes me happy! I'm currently wrapping up issue one of the ol' comic ( which needs to be sent to the publishers by Tuesday! EEEK! A perfect time to add a whole new page...add details to almost every page...oh, and letter!). Also, my lovely wife made a suggestion of drawing wallpaper in the backgrounds of the comic...to which I scoffed because of how long that would take. BUT, I decided to cheat! So, I went to a scrap store, bought a book of silk upholstery fabrics, scanned them in and did some digital fiddlin'... and voila! Wallpaper!
Oh, I forgot one other great idea Ash had, which was to add more sneakin' salamanders hiding in the panels...so there are three in this one.