Thursday, March 11, 2010

Concert Poster Painting

 Well, I had a hard time getting the scan of the painting to look like the actual painting.  I'm not sure if its due to the gloss on the painting, but all my dark tones came out shiney looking, I mixed my paint with acrylic glazing liquid (gloss), so maybe I should try a matte medium.  If anybody has any thoughts or experience with this I'm all ears. I thoroughly enjoyed painting acrylic over charcoal, once I got used to how much of the glazing liquid to mix into my paint so that my charcoal drawing still showed.

Overall, since this is my very first acrylic painting, I'm pleased with how this is turning out. I need to finish all of my digital tweaking today so I can print out some copies to take up with me to Emerald City on Saturday.  Again, my main gripe with Photoshop is that you never feel "done".  There is always some pixel that can be nudged around.  I think I need an egg timer to force doneness upon me.  OR, maybe I need a real deadline and a taskmaster AD to tell me I'm done.

As always, feel free to comment or make suggestions. I've been looking at this thing for so long that I need to take a break.  The bottom of the painting needs some more digital tweaks, but I'm going to wait until this evening to play with that.

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