Thursday, March 4, 2010

Concert Poster Drawing

 Earth vs. The Sonictopi
18" x 27"
Charcoal on Arches 140lb hot press

Well, I've been trying to bust this thing out as fast as possible since it really is a distraction from what I should be focusing on artistically, but man is it fun to work on.  This is final drawing that I am going to try painting on top of, I'm hoping that I can lock the drawing down with acrylic glazing medium and then paint thin glazes of acrylic paint on top of so that the image is tinted but I don't lose too much of the rendering of the drawing (I was thinking of it as an underpainting).  I've never tried this before, so I really hope I don't ruin this thing.  Sure, it's a rediculous specatacle on par with a B movie by Ed Wood, but it has been REALLY FUN to draw and I'm rather attached to it.

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abbie said...

this is awesome - you are totally going to win!!! did you know that the lady who wrote Twilight loves Muse and credits them as her inspiration? and that she is a mormon? not quite sure what this has to do with the drawing...but! it is awesome whether muse likes it or not!