Sunday, February 28, 2010

Concer Poster Rough

One of the local rock stations is doing a contest to see who can design the best concert poster for MUSE and I thought it would be good practice and good publicity if I did it and got in the top ten.  I started looking at concert posters and decided that the ones I liked were just random illustrations that vaguely had the vibe of the band they were advertising. SO, I started doodling and here's what I have so far (I had to stop myself from getting too involved with the rough so its unfinished):

I like to call this "EARTH vs. THE SONIC SQUIDS!", note that the suckers are speakers.  Yes, I realize those are flying octopi instead of squids, but I couldn't think of a good alliteration for "sound" and "octopus" (sonictopus? cephalospeakers? you see my problem). I don't honestly think that the band would go for this, even though it is clearly awesome, but I'm going to use this as painting practice and as an example of cover art for comic books for when I go to the Emerald City Nerdicon in two weeks to throw myself at the feet of some art directors.


Ted said...

I dig it!

Speaking of the Emerald City Comicon, if you're there on Sunday and have a couple minutes I'd love to meet you. Kuyler turned me on to your blog and I've enjoyed the art you've been posting.

Mike Lawrence said...

we can definately meet up Ted, and hopefully Kuyler will be there too. Its amazing how hard its been to convince my non nerd friends to go to this thing.

The Glass Eye said...

Goodness this is AMAZING. You deserve to win man!

Yvet said...

I totally think Muse will go for this! Hell! I'd go to the concert if this was the poster! I love it!