Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad math makes me happy

I recently discovered that I am half way through drawing the second issue of Salamander King.  This is partially due to my lightning quick speed and ninja like charcoal reflexes...but mostly its due to poor counting. I thought chapter two had 22 pages, but it turns out that it only has 19. It was like I drew 3 pages in two minutes.  This is especially good news since I have to move this weekend and the studio is about to get packed up.

Anyway, here is a panel showing one of those dastardly sneaky salamnders doing a dastardly sneaky thing. I wont be posting completed pages before the show for two reasons: 
  1. a half hearted attempt to make you give me $3
  2. laziness (my friend Josh has the new version of photoshop and I guess it will digitally assemble multiple scans automatically! My pages are bigger than my scanner bed and its very boring to stitch 4 scans together and get them to all line up)
Oh I also redesigned the blog to make it function more like a website, so now there are links to gallery pages underneath the banner. 

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Fanboy Wife said...

Oh gosh, that drawing reminds me of the time I was in 4th grade and a classmate put a salamander in my ear and told me that it wanted to tell me a secret! It was very slimy!