Saturday, October 3, 2009

Super Muddy Muscles!

Here's a pin-up of some super hero do-goodery. Those kids thought that a mere mudslide could prevent them from going to school. Not if Muddy Boy has anything to say about it....

Though I imagine he doesn't make any friends this way, good thing he has a secret identity.

Collaborating with Liz has been a lot of fun, she is very receptive to suggestions and is a great brainstormer. I just wanted to draw MB picking up a bus for fun and she worked it into the story! Liz also had the idea of a Muddy Boy drawn in browns instead of black and white.

I really like it, and mud is brown after all. That fact that it was an easy fix in Photoshop is just icing on the cake.

I also recently bought an AWESOME new drafting table the other day. It's a monster (5 feet wide!!) classy table from the 30's. My studio is now a batcave of creative power. I'd post some photos, but I think I'm the only one that would find it interesting. Special thanks go to my lovely wife for giving up her small bit of sewing space in the studio.

And, saving the best for last, I recently acquired an agent!! Her name is Kelly Sonnack and she works for the prestigious Andrea Brown Literary Agency ( Kelly specializes in picture books and graphic novels, which is a perfect fit for everything I want to do at the moment. I am very excited to have Kelly representing me. She pretty much had me when she said "I don't want you worrying about the business stuff at all, your job is to create". I may have fallen over at that point, I can't remember.

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K L said...

Agent?! Like a superspy. Like Chuck. Like James Bond. That makes you super legit in my book. Please post pictures of the Creative Batcave!

That bus pic is necessary for the success of this book. I love it much.