Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can't wait for October, and more headlessness

Every August I can't help but wish it was October. This is going to be my Halloween card for the year, though it may be in color if I can get photoshop to cooperate with me (getting the color to work well with charcoal has been a bit of a wrestling match). If any friends, family, or (gasp) fan would like one feel free to send me an email with your address. I can't guarantee that I'll send you one, since last year's card didn't make it out to all intended recipients (I'd like to blame it on the post office, but unfortunately it was my own undoing).

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Anonymous said...

Surfed on over from quick Hide in Here got to say I'm really liking the tones on that shirt, very nice!

Your work is very nice, read thru your other blog post got to say your joy expressed in some of your other post for example you getting published by DHP is very infectious and is what I needed to read thanks!!