Thursday, October 29, 2009

Children's book drawing

Every now and then I dust off an old picture book idea and breath some new life into it. One of the nice things about this is that I get to see how much I've improved as an artist since the last time I touched the idea. I just finished the drawing for a painting I'll start working on tonight after work. As you can see, sometimes I get carried away with details like the leaves of the shrub (though it could just as well be scales on a monster, wood grain in a board, etc). I doubt most of those leaves will be in the final painting, but I find its usually helpful to start with too much information and then scale it back as the painting comes along.

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K L said...

simply exceptional. I love getting lost in gazing at the detail in this drawing. The shingles, the suckers, the leaves. It's a feast for my eyes.