Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'll Make You Famous...Sort of...CONTEST!!!

Or I'll at least make fun of you.

While chipping away at Salamander King #2 I have found myself in need of a bunch of reference photos of people behaving like sleep walking zombie types goosesteppin' with their arms out in front of them. Why you ask? Well you'll just have to fork over your $$ for your very own copy of the comic to find out...unless you do all of the following and I pick you:

A) Send me a funny picture of yourself acting like a goosesteppin' zombie with your arms in front of you. Better the zombie face the higher your chances of SUCCESS!! What does success mean? It means I'll draw you into Salamander King #2 acting like a gooseteppin' zombie, obviously.

B) Tell me what your favorite thing in the whole world is (and I'm not talking about your mom here, I mean something that you own or won or bought or made or whatever) all sappy comments about how your girlfriend is your favorite thing in this world will neither help you win nor will it garner you any brownie points with your significant others.

C) You should probably give me written permission to use your likeness....or if we're already pals we'll go on the honor system but if you stab me in the back and sue me in 10 years when they're making The Salamander King movie I will feel quite betrayed and say mean things about you behind your back.

I'm not even sure I'll get any photos out of this because it would involve a lot of effort on your part, but I'm too lazy to go take pictures of people posing and this sounded both more fun and more easy.

And what, you are dying to know, does one win in this glorious contest? Why, ETERNAL GLORY of course! As well as a complimentary copy of the comic with some sort of funny drawing in it. Who knows, if only one person responds maybe I will shower them with artistic gifts, you never know.

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