Friday, January 8, 2010

Artistic Overdrive

For some reason it just now dawned on me how much I have to do in the next 3 months. I have to do Salamander King #2 in time for Stumptown in April, I have to do a new piece for a show next month (that I didn't forget about, per se...but I kinda did), there is the roller derby poster, and a secret project that is on the back burner for a bit. SO, I'm going into artistic overdrive mode. You might be saying to yourself: "self? what's artistic overdrive mode?". Well, it looks just like regular mode, but slathered with worry, panic, and sleepless nights. Basically I need to focus on the comic and the gallery piece first, but I'm going to have the derby poster set up on the easel so that when I feel like taking a break to play Zelda I'll paint instead (sorry Hyrule, you'll just have to wait to be saved). Anyway, here is the approved comp sketch for the derby poster. I really really really just want to start painting it now, but its time for some discipline.


Ted said...

Can't wait for next Salamander King! Kugler hooked me up with #1 and I'm curious to see where it's going to go next.

Mike Lawrence said...

Hey Ted, not sure who this Kugler dude is, but he sounds tall, gangly, goofy, and maybe...just maybe...the second red. Glad you're looking forward to #2, I am too and I'll make sure Kugler sends one your way.