Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, of course Myspace chooses my semi-pro debut to have massive financial trouble! Until further notice I guess Dark Horse Presents is going to be hosted on Dark Horse's own website. Upon seeing online I have to admit I was a little disappointed, some of the colors don't look the same as they did on my monitor (a mistake I will learn from you!), so next time I will be checking my work on other monitors....or letting Dark Horse hire a pro colorist for me.....Anyhoo, enough apologizing for my work, which one should never do (unless you draw a mean picture of somebodies mom and they didn't deserve it).

In other work news, I am currently working on a collaborative pitch with a local children's book author (look out Random House! Prepare to be floored! You might as well whip out your checkbook now just to save yourself the trouble! you have been warned). Once I clear it with her I'll start posting some process shots that are pretty fun.

Oh, and I recently found a blog called "terrible yellow eyes" that is a tribute the great Maurice Sendak (a huge influence on my artistic development), the submissions are invite only, but I think I'm going to try so slip in under their radar.

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