Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stumptown, I shall miss you

Well, Stumptown wrapped up on Sunday night and it couldn't have gone any better (well, maybe a little better, since I didn't find a winning lotto ticket while flying a jet pack or anything). I had a complete blast, met a ton of awesome people who were excited about my work, sold out all of my comics, and had a great turnout of friends and family. Thank you all who were able to attend and stop by my table.

Here is a link to some photos from the event, with Ash acting as a puppeteer forcing me to draw draw draw.

Also, I just got the final back on the Roller Derby poster I did for the Rose City Rollers! I did the illustration and the Art Director (Nami, aka "Draggin") did the text layout. I think it looks pretty dang good, the font reminds me of boogie nights with a splash of vidal sassoon.

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Amber said...

I love the Rose City Rollers poster! Bring on the PBR! I'm one of Liz Rusch's writing pals. Hope to see you at our little GN pow-wow.