Thursday, March 5, 2009

today is a good day

Well, I started the day in a bad mood, but then I sold a drawing....and money makes me happy! I'm currently wrapping up issue one of the ol' comic ( which needs to be sent to the publishers by Tuesday! EEEK! A perfect time to add a whole new page...add details to almost every page...oh, and letter!). Also, my lovely wife made a suggestion of drawing wallpaper in the backgrounds of the which I scoffed because of how long that would take. BUT, I decided to cheat! So, I went to a scrap store, bought a book of silk upholstery fabrics, scanned them in and did some digital fiddlin'... and voila! Wallpaper!
Oh, I forgot one other great idea Ash had, which was to add more sneakin' salamanders hiding in the there are three in this one.

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Ashley said...

I see the sneeky salamander!