Saturday, March 21, 2009

STUMPTOWN!! and a tiny painting

Here's the color study I did real quick in Photoshop.

And here's the actual painting.

And here is the digitally touched up painting looks nothing like the original, the wonderful magic of Photoshop has once again saved me from my deficiencies (ie, not so good at painting or color).

In other news, I have a slew of events coming up in relation to the Stumptown Comics Fest.
First, I'll be participating in the "Drink and Draw" on April 1st at MacTarnahan's Taproom on 2730 NW 31st., where I'll be drinkin' and drawin' from 7 to 10 with some other artsy folks. Come by and have a pint and keep me company!
Second, I am participating in the Stumptown art show, which has an opening reception for the First Thursday downtown on April 2nd at 1111 SW Broadway (right next to the Schnitzer Concert Hall). Come by and rub elbows!
Third, the actual comics fest itself! It takes place on April 18-19th at the Lloyd Center Doubletree. In addition to geeking out that my comic book idol JEFF SMITH will be in the same (admittedly large) room with me, I'll be selling comics, cards, posters, prints, originals.

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Holly said...

I wish i was not working late on April 1 and 2...

Just found your blog and art because a coworker and i were talking about woodblock prints after a customer asked about a children's book illustrator's work.

Stumptown is cool. I stumbled on them at Wordstock this year, where i was selling books for my bookstore. If you want a venue for the book... talk to me. I bet i can talk you up at Annie Bloom's.