Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progress shot

Well, visiting family comes first so my progress is a little slow as of late. This week has been spent with Ash's family and and next week is dedicated to my family, so who knows when I'll finally finish this thing. I am mostly pleased with my progress though. Working with charcoal has its own rewards and punishing punishments (especially with the paper). I am enjoying slowly building up the glowing quality of the boys night light and the dramatic shadows it allows for. Unfortunately I am going to have to lose the glow on the dragon's neck, which I fell in love with and can't bring myself to darken up.


Josh said...

Nice... Real nice. I can see how it will be hard to push some areas futher. I can't wait to see this thing in person. Saturday right?

Josh said...

Further that is, not "futher." At least I went with further and not farther or else I might have typed father. Futher has no meaning... I looked it up. So at least I'm not fitting into any odd Jungian archetypes or Freudian pitfalls. Anyway... good drawing.

K L said...

Futhermore, I want to say that you inspired me to dig out my charcoal and cante this weekend and make a black icky mess. It feels nice to get my hands in that stuff again. This drawing is simply amazing.