Friday, November 2, 2012

Sometimes You Get What You Want (even a BOOK DEAL)

Being an artist is really hard on your self esteem. I graduated from art school 9 years ago. I consider myself a good artist. I'm a good draftsman, pretty decent with color and composition,  but those 9 years were full of doubt and self loathing. I would get the occasional commission, art show, or illustration gig, but nothing that I would call a full time career. During those same 9 years I watched my friends start and succeed in their own careers. They bought houses, cars, had a savings account, and probably some sort of plan about retirement. I had a couple close calls with starting a real art career, but things fell through.

Then I got a book deal. I'm so so so excited about this. Having a book deal has been a life long dream of mine. To walk into a store, and see my book on a shelf. To see a kid reading my book. To see MY kid reading MY book! And now, in the Spring of 2014 it'll happen. 

I'm very pleased to announce that I'm illustrating a middle grade graphic novel called Muddy Max, written by fellow Portlander Liz Rusch, to be published by Andrews McMeel/AMP! Comics for Kids. Muddy Max tells the story of Max, a sixth grader who discovers he's transformed into a super hero when he gets muddy. 

Here's some early promotional artwork for the book.

Sometimes you get what you want!

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K L said...

You did it. You held that dream. I'm so proud of you my friend!