Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Twelve Days (left) of Pyramid! DAY 12

Well, today is a big day. Today is T-Minus 12 days left at my job. I'm quitting to be a stay at home artist dad (yes, my wife is probably more rad than your wife). Looking back at my time at Pyramid, I've decided to look at it more like Grad School, it gave me several years to get much, much better at being an artist, and I didn't even have to take out an obscene amount of Student Loans. For the most part, it was a job that just needed a warm body as a place holder, so I spent a lot of my time drawing and painting at my desk. So, long story short, I thought I'd do a count down of pieces that I created while sitting at my desk at Pyramid Brewing.
Bedtime, charcoal
This drawing was a game changer, this was my first real drawing in charcoal and it fostered a love of the medium that continues to this day. Also, it made me a fair chunk of change since I sold the original and all of the prints I made from it.

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joshcap said...

Here's to the countdown! Also, here's to stay-at-home dad's who are trying to manage creative pursuits. I'm here for you. I really, really love this piece. Its a shame it's not framed yet. I should see about that. I really wanted to support your work, encourage it. Its so easy for good talent to be 9-5'd. It would be a huge injustice if that happened to you. Remember while you're not bringing the $$$ in the truckload, you have much to love in your life and you are making things right in the universe by doing good work.