Thursday, November 19, 2009

portfolio development

Per the advice of my agent, I'm going to be making a few portfolio pieces to show off to prospective art directors and editors. I asked Kelly if I should just pick some random scenes from some fairy tales and illustrate them (while showcasing my ability to draw kids, babies, hands, and talking animals), she said yes, but suggested that I don't make them all look "classic", and that I should make them in different genres (modern, futuristic, etc).

SO, I started sketching some ideas for Jack the Robot Killer (sounds too aggressive, I know), or Rocket Jack and the Beanstalk, or something like that. Pretty much I doodled this character design and decided to make a futuristic jack and the beanstalk. The giant is going to be a huge steam punk robot, obviously, but I'm not sure what the future golden goose would be.

Any ideas? Whoever suggests something cool that I use gets a present!


K L said...
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K L said...

What about an alchemy bird. It should be flightless too. A kiwi or dodo that turns what ever it preens into gold.

Mike Lawrence said...

hmm, a dodo sounds like genius! I was doodling a hen that laid glowing eggs that looked like old fashioned light bulbs (with the big glowing filament thingy), but a dodo doing that sounds even better.