Saturday, March 15, 2008

Temple of DOOM

Ash and I leave for Sweden in a week! This is the title page for our travel journal (which Josh bound for us). I am not sure what to title our adventure, the wedding invite was "Engagement with DANGER!!" so I imagine it will be something along those lines. If anybody can think of a good name I'll bring you back a smorgesborg. I would like vikings in the title, something like "Mike and Ashley in THE VIKINGS REVENGE" or "Mike and Ashley in THE VIKING CONSPIRACY" or "MIKE AND ASHLEY vs THE VIKING'S!"


K L said...

How about "The Kuyler wants a smorgasboard so 'VIKING!' adventure?" I never noticed how much you look like Indiana Jones or how much Ashley looks like a girl in an atiqik.

Josh said...

So, I was thinking more along the lines of "Mike and Ashley and the Debacle of the London Sandwich" - a reference to previous concerns. Or perhaps a small tweak on your title, "Mike and Ashley in Vikings Revenge (Served Cold)"